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Best Tips To Report Unwanted Calls and Texts

Unwanted calls and texts are a regular occurrence for every mobile user these days. Although the advanced technology renders us many choices to report unwanted calls and messages, the spammers and scammers are now more skilled to dodge us. Today, we will explain different ways to report spam calls and texts to avoid the annoyance that comes with them.

Block and Report Caller ID and Text

Start with blocking or reporting the individual number through your Mobile’s Operating System (OS). The process could be different for different OSs and mobile phones; for instance, on the latest Google Android (working on Samsung mobile), you can open the call list, click on the number you want to block and hit the 'i' icon and three dots to block the number. Sorry, you can't report a phone number as spam here, but you may be able to do it on other phones. On Apple iPhone, blocking and spam reporting work more or less the same way.

On the other hand, spam texts are more frequent than unwanted calls, but reporting them is more straightforward than calls. To report spam texts, just forward the unsolicited text to SPAM (7726). Most US carriers contribute to a service that uses this data to attempt and prevent future spammers. For instance, when you forward a spam text on your Android phone, both Google and your carrier will know about it. Google will use this information to upgrade its spam preventing filters.

Forwarding text on iPhone requires you to hold down the message and click "More." Subsequently, click the blue arrow to forward the newly created message to 7726. What transpires after this would depend on your carrier.

Report Unwanted Calls and Texts to the FTC and FCC

Open this Complaint Assistant page to report spam numbers and messages to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Tap “Report Now” and choose "Phone, internet, TV service" before “Cellular or landline phone service.” You have to answer certain questions about the spam call or message.

In addition, you can report unsolicited calls and texts to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) at the Commissions' Consumer Complaint Center. Complete a brief form giving your email id and details about the spam.

Add Your Number to the Do Not Call Registry

You can prevent annoying text messages and phone calls by registering with the FTC’s Do Not Call Registry. You can list your cell number without any cost, following a few small steps. 
Simply click on “Register Your Phone” and report unsolicited texts and calls after 31 days of your registration. This step is helpful for both spam calls and texts.

Filter Spam Calls in Bulk

In case you are still receiving lots of spam calls, you can do the following.

On Android, allow Google’s built-in spam filtering from the Phone app. Click the three dots in the corner, select Settings, and find Caller ID & Spam. Enable this feature to filter suspicious unsolicited calls. Once activated, Google will stop that call from ringing your cellphone completely. Apple iPhone allows you to enable the "Silence Unknown Callers" call-screening and blocking feature for this purpose.

Besides, there are various third-party analytics resources like First Orion, Hiya, Nomorobo, YouMail etc., where you can report harassing phone calls. These applications will prevent your cellphone from ringing once it receives a call from the spammed number. However, only your carrier can block the call altogether, sending the spammers a busy signal.

Apart from these, we now have the opportunity to report spam numbers and texts on third-party websites publicly. Here, you will find phone information such as location details, carrier, line type, etc.

Enable Do Not Disturb Feature

Finally, if nothing works, you can simply turn on the Do Not Disturb feature for people not in your contact list. For Android, you should go to Settings, Sound, and click on Do Not Disturb. On the screen, you have multiple options to add exceptions for calls, messages and conversations. Allow the calls and texts from ‘Contacts Only.’ Once you enable Do Not Disturb from Quick Settings, you will only get calls and messages from contacts on your phone. If you have a Samsung cell, you can also Block Unknown/private numbers through Call Settings. For iPhone, go to Settings, Do Not Disturb, and allow calls from Contacts only.

These are a few ways to report unwanted calls and texts. If you have any new tips in this regard, feel free to share them in the comments section.